Data Center Infrastructure, Cloud and Outsourcing

How we help our clients :

 We deeply understand current and future requirements to meet “Future State “and then providing, recommending, consulting our clients with needed infra (HW/SW) to fit their goals

 We offer :

  • Storage and DataCenter Equipment’s and services.
  • Solutions for High availability and business continuity.
  • Recommend best DataCenter solutions and tech to business.
  • Provide services for On-promise, Cloud, and Virtualizations.
  • Analyze deeply to finding gabs in datacenter infra.
  • Provide risk analysis to datacenter infra.
  • Recommend and providing secured cloud and outsource and solutions.
  • Recommend and providing backup and data protection services and solutions. 

Benefits to client :

  •  Zero downtime of your data center and services with low cost and high technology.
  • Found out the current state of your Infra and whether it is sufficient to deliver the business strategy.
  • Found out gaps between the current state of your D.C and services.
  • Lay the foundation for a future roadmap to improve/ utilize the current services.
  • Helped to identify what components of current D.C should be changed and to what extent to become a good D.C.